DNS Pointing to Simplepart-Uploaded by NG

Your new SimplePart site will have a standalone URL. You will either have a subdomain from an existing domain your dealership owns, or you will have a domain that you purchased specifically for your new parts website.

Whats the difference? 
A domain is a website address, owned, purchased, and registered by your dealership. For example:
www.JacksonFord.com or www.joescarparts.com
A subdomain is a domain that is part of the larger domain or DNS hierarchy. For example:
www.JacksonFord.com is  the domain you already own. 
parts.JacksonFord.com is the subdomain you created off the domain you already own.

Pointing your subdomain:
If you are creating a subdomain off of an existing domain that your dealership owns, you will need to do the following: 
Create a subdomain parts.thisismywebsite.com and have it pointed by CNAME to simplepart.com

Pointing your domain that you purchased:
If you purchased a domain, for example: www.joescarparts.com, you will need to point it by A Record to

These instructions are intended for the IT or DNS manager of your dealership. If you have any questions about pointing domains or subdomains, please contact SimplePart Support at 404-520-7640