Building Quotes

Building Quotes is a dealer-specific function. Once your customer's items are in the cart, click "Quote" and complete the customer quote criteria. For example; fitment, pricing, quote expiration, method (financing or one time payment) and customer name will need to be completed. This is located under Dealer Functions. 

Now that the Quote is ready you can either print the quote for the customer at the counter or email it to the customer.

Tip: Printing a Magic Pocket or Quotes will include your dealership name. To remove this unique information before printing, uncheck "print header" in your browser's print settings. 

When you select email, a valid email address is required.

If you have the customer at the counter or on the phone and they would like to make the purchase then, you can proceed to check out. This will take you to your secure check out page to complete the order. Please note: "Proceed to Checkout" is only available for e-commerce enabled sites. 

If your site does not have e-commerce enabled and you would like to have this option available, please reach out to SimplePart Client Services at 404.620.9764 or email

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Disclaimer: Material and imagery housed within this knowledge base is subject to change as new platform updates are released.