How to find your API Login and Transaction Key - - Uploaded by NG

The API Login and Transaction Key are crucial pieces of data used to connect your Web application (SimplePart Website) to the payment gatewayIn order for your SimplePart website to connect with your virtual terminal, or account, you will need to provide us with the API Login and Transaction Key.
1. Log in to your account and make sure to change Test Mode to LIVE
2. Then click Account > Settings
You should be in the Settings page.
3. Click "API Credentials & Keys". This is where you will obtain your API Login and generate a Transaction Key.
4. Copy and Paste your API and Transaction Key and provide it to SimplePart by email or on the Step 3 EchoSign Document that we sent to you. 
Obtain your API Login, answer your "Secret Question" that you established during your account creation, and generate your Transaction Key. If you are generating a new transaction key please check "Disable Previous Transaction Keys" Any new transaction keys that are created in the future should be provided to with the Dealer Name and URL. This is to ensure that your website has the current credentials and customers can make credit card purchases. 
You have successfully obtained your API Login and Transaction Key.
Should you have any specific questions about your Account please call 1-866-682-4131