ShipStation Integration - Uploaded by NG

Why should you use Shipstation?
  • Automates the last shipping steps in the SimplePart control panel for you. (Ex: automatically marks orders a shipped, inputs tracking information, and communicates to your customer via email)
  • Allows you to integrate all your carriers in one consolidated portal. 
  • Customization in user panel and user-friendly design.
  • SimplePart will receive actual shipping cost reporting to measure your parts+shipping performance!
  • Integrates with other e-stores outside of SimplePart, including Ebay, Amazon, and Shopify. 
  • Allows you to quickly and easily toggle between carriers to see which one will provide the best rate for any order.
  • A free USPS Stamps account is included!
  • Reduced monthly rate if you are a SimplePart client! *Rates 50% + vary by manufacturer. Contact SimplePart Support at 404-520-7640 for more information.

Your SimplePart Control Panel can integrate with ShipStation so you can conveniently see your recent orders, take action on pending orders, create labels and ship orders. Should you want to integrate with your SimplePart Control Panel, email to schedule a time or follow the instructions below.


1. In your Simplepart Control Panel go to Settings > Setup. Make sure your website is selected in the top-right drop down menu.

2, Under "Business Information" create a unique API Credential (Username and Password) under "API Credentials". You need this information for later, so remember it! Make sure to click 'edit' and then 'update'. 

3. Go to and "Start Your 30-day Free Trial" if you have not already.

4. Complete your company information and be sure to use an active email address when creating the account. You will receive a verification email you must click on to continue. 

5. Once your account is created, click "Connect Seller Channel" and choose Custom Store. You can have as many custom stores as you would like, especially if you have more than one Simplepart site! Please note if you have more than one simplepart site, any additional custom store requires their own API Credentials.

6. In the Seller profile username and password field, use the username and password you created in the Control Panel (API Credentials). Input the following information:

  • Username, Password (from your API Credentials in your CP)
  • URL: (test the connection, it should tell you "Test or Connection is good")
  • Unpaid Status: New Order, Payment Submitted
  • Paid Status: Payment Confirmed, Received
  • Shipped Status: Shipped
  • Cancelled Status: Cancelled
  • On-Hold Status: on_hold

You will also need to fill out your new custom store profile information:

  • Business Name
  • Company Name
  • etc. 

7. Make sure to select "Allow this store to Auto Update"

8. Now go to the "Gear" icon, and select Warehouses. You will create a Warehouse, which is most likely the same business information as your custom store. We recommend naming the Warehouse *your dealer name* Shipping & Receiving. 

9. Once you have an active account in ShipStation you can connect your Shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS/, this video will show you the necessary requirements for connecting the carriers you mentioned:

Carrier setup requirements:


You'll need an existing FedEx account to complete this form. If you don't have a FedEx account, please click here to open one now!


If you have an established FedEx account, we will need the FedEx Account No., email, phone number and the address information on file.

Inline image 5


USPS /Stamps:

You'll need an established account:

If you don't have an account yet, all we will need is a credit card.

Inline image 4


For existing accounts, all you will need is your Username and Password.

Inline image 3



You'll need an established UPS account:

If you don't have an account yet, please apply here. You will need an account number to connect and you can use your negotiated rates from within ShipStation.


If you have an established UPS account, we will need the UPS Account No., email, phone number and the address information on file.

Inline image 2



You have now linked your Shipstation to your Simplepart Control Panel. Check that the orders are coming in by clicking the "refresh orders". You should see your orders populate in the Orders screen.You can manage what information you want to display by selecting "columns" and choose which order information to display. Now sign up for a Shipstation webinar, click the "blue" tutorial bubbles and learn about all the easy and unique features and customizations!