How to Set Pricing

Certain users (mostly parts managers and directors) will have the ability to update pricing for your catalog. To update pricing you will need to:


  •  Log in to your Accessories site via the National Accessories site or your SSO (VW Hub)
  • Then click the "Hamburger" icon  to your Quick Links. 
  • Select > SimplePart Control Panel in your Quick Links
  • Once logged in to the SimplePart Control Panel, make sure to select your dealership URL under the "All Websites" drop down located top right.
  • Then go to Settings > Pricing

Here is what the pricing page will look like when you have no tiers set up and all your media is set to MSRP (Default). If you intend to list your catalog at MSRP you will not need to make any adjustments on your Pricing page. 

The two main sections above are the Media Sets for Websites and Price Sets.

  • Media Sets for Websites: This section displays what Price Sets you have assigned to specific catalog media like DriverGear or Accessories.
  • Price Sets: This section is where you name, create, and edit the pricing tiers, which you will assign to a Media Set.

Let's create our first Price Set.

  1. Click "Add New"
  2. Name your new Price Set.

In the image below, I have renamed this new price set to "Holiday Pricing!". Make sure to click update after you edit. To create the tiers click "Add New" under Price Tiers and set your low to high range and associated price (Cost-X or List-x). As specified below; everything that falls within $0.01 - $300.00 is List - 5 (0.95). Please note, I am only adjusting the Price Set named "Holiday Pricing!".

Now that we created a Price Set with tiers, we need to assign it to Media. Choose your Media and click "Edit". As you can see below, I have changed the Accessories to "Holiday Pricing!"

What if you want to delete a Price Set you created? To do so, go down to the Price Set section, highlight the Price Set you want to delete and click "Delete". It will prompt you to confirm if you would like to delete this entry. Do not delete a price set that is assigned to Media. First remove the price set from the media, then delete.


If you would rather SimplePart Client Services adjust your pricing, please contact SimplePart Client Services at 404.620.9764 or email

Disclaimer: Material and imagery housed within this knowledgebase is subject to change as new platform updates are released.