The New VW Lookbook and Browsing Accessories

The New Lookbook (Available to US VW dealers) has been released. The new design and functionality incorporates a new "Lookbook" feature to enhance how both consumer and dealers (Dealer Login) browse for Accessories or "looks" for your vehicle. You are still able to browse by Model and Category as before.

You can access your existing accessories search and the new Lookbook by visiting

On the top right you have an ALL drop down, which will allow you to specify year. In the below image we selected 2012. If you select a "year" you can proceed to choose a Model, Category, or Lookbook. You can also click "Restart" to restart your search query. 

If you select Lookbook you will then have the option to specify the model and year. It will show you what "looks" are available. If no items or "looks" are available for the model year specified, you will be prompted to restart your query. 

The Lookbook below shows a "Cycling Package". There are other available looks as well that contain common and related items that are purchased together. You can access these "looks" by selecting the corresponding tab.

Browsing by Category and Model also has a new design but will still have the same functionality as before.