What is the Wholesale Module?

Wholesale module is an add on that provides your customer real-time discounted pricing while browsing your online parts site. This is only visible to your customers who have logged in with the Wholesale Login you will create. 

First confirm that you have Wholesale Module enabled by calling SimplePart Client Services at (404) 520-7640.

To create the Wholesale Code:

1. Go to Settings > Coupons.

2. Name the wholesale code for your reference, and then create the code the customer will use. Please note to always check that the discount applies to parts only and check the box Allow Reuse.‚Äč 

3. Click Add New and the code you created will show up in the lower half of the Control Panel. 

In the example below:

  • We named the wholesale coupon/code "Wholesale Pricing"
  • We created the code that the customer will log in with as "WHOLESALECODE"
  • We applied a discount to parts only.
  • We allowed reuse.

Now that you have a Wholesale Code created, provide this to your wholesale customers. The means in which you provide this is entirely up to you.


How will the customer use the Wholesale Code?

The customer will visit your site and look for the Wholesale Login link. For the most part, this is located on the top right of the website, but may vary depending on your website's design. It may look similar to this.

Once the link is clicked, they will be taken to the login screen. 

Once the customer logs in, every time they visit the site they will see the discounted pricing. They should be able to verify this by seeing a check mark indicating Wholesale is applied to the catalog during browsing.