Magic Pockets

Adding items to the cart not only allows you to generate quotes for customers, but you can print an accessory list or "Magic Pocket" for your vehicle. 

Before you can print a Magic Pocket, first log in to the Volkswagen Online Catalog. Learn about logging in here. You also need to make sure your pricing and retail labor rates are implemented before using the Magic Pocket. 

Once you are logged in and added items to your "Cart," you will have Dealer Functions on the right side. This is only visible to Dealers after logging in. Learn how to add items to the cart.


Select the Magic Pocket function. Please note that adding items to a cart using the Accessories search auto-populates fitment into your Magic Pocket based on you vehicle search. How do I navigate the catalog?


Now we will specify the details of your Magic Pocket.

There are unique fields that you may change depending on the scenario. In the example above, we incuded the following:

  • Additional Items of $50.00: This can be any service or item that is not included in your online catalog. Did you have to get a part from a sister store and need to cover the cost difference? Is this a specialty item? The Additional Item is essentially a miscellaneous field and can be used if needed and will be itemized in the Magic Pocket.
  • Fitment: This is pre-populated based on our accessory search for "GTI 2014"
  • Pricing: We have selected MSRP. However, you have additional options including Install Price and Our Cost. Selecting Install Price will factor in your retail labor rate and install units for any applicable part. Learn how to set Retail and Internal Labor Rates. Selecting Our Cost will factor in any pricing you have set for your catalog. Learn about setting pricing
  • VIN: You will need to put the VIN number of the vehicle you are displaying the Magic Pocket for. 
  • Stock Number: Please include the unique stock number of the applicable vehicle.
  • Vehicle Total: Put the total of the vehicle without the additional items you have added to the Magic Pocket. Once you print out the Magic Pocket, it will calculate the total for you.

Finally, once you have clicked the Print button, you will be shown a preview of items to be included in the Magic Pocket. After you have printed the item, fold in half and slide into the Magic Pocket. You are finished!


Tip: Printing a Magic Pocket or Quotes will include your dealership name. To remove this unique information before printing, uncheck "Print header" in your browser's print settings. 

Disclaimer: Material and imagery housed within this knowledge base is subject to change as new platform updates are released.