Adding Retail Labor Rates

When building quotes for customers, you may be applying an labor rate or internal rate. You can add your dealership retail labor rate in the SimplePart Control Panel. This is a dealer-specific function and you will need to be logged in prior to accessing it. You can also contact SimplePart Client Services and we will add it for you.

To add the Retail Labor Rate yourself (available for specific users):

  • Log in to your Accessories site via the National Accessories site or your SSO (Audi Access)
  • Then click the hamburger icon  to your Quick Links. 
  • Select > SimplePart Control Panel in your Quick Links
  • Once logged in to the SimplePart Control Panel, make sure to select your dealership URL under the "All Websites" drop down located top right.
  • Then go to Settings > Setup > Business Information > Retail Labor Rate. This is where your Retail Labor Rate is located. 

To edit the Retail Labor Rate, select "Edit" then "Update" to save. 


For sites with e-commerce enabled:

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If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please contact SimplePart Client Services at 404.620.9764 or email

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