PayPal Payments Pro Settings before you go LIVE-Uploaded by NG

Once you have access to your PayPal Pro account through, you will need to adjust some settings so they work with your specific website cart page.

Log in at 

Go to Service Settings > Set Up

Transaction Process Mode should be LIVE. If it is TEST and you are unable to make a change, please call PayPal. 

Insert the Cancel URL  which is http://cancel.this.order



***FOR TOYOTA/LEXUS CLIENTS ONLY*** USING PayPalTransParentRedirect (in website meta data)

Under Service Settings > Setup : Use in the Payment Confirmation URL field. 

Scroll to the bottom and make sure your Security Settings are as follows and click "Save Changes"


Now we need to customize our layout. This is also located under Service Settings > Customize

Select Layout C and click Save and Publish.



We also highly recommend that you adjust your security filters to help minimize fraudulent orders from coming through. Please keep in mind that this is a preventative measure and does not fully guarantee that all fraudulent attempts will be identified. 

Here’s how:


1.            In your Payflow Manager account, click Home near the top of the page.

2.            Under “Service Summary,” click Basic or Advanced Fraud Protection.

3.            Click Test Setup near the center of the page.

4.            Click Edit Standard Filters

5.            Toggle settings if applicable

6.            Click Test Setup Link

7.            Under “Deploy Test Setup Filters to Live Setup,” click Move Test Filter Settings to Live.

8.            To confirm, click Move Test Filter Settings to Live near the bottom of the page

Click here to learn about SimpleParts additional Fraud Prevention tools.

If you have any issues accessing or have any questions, please cal SimplePart Support at 404-520-7640.