Navigating the Online Accessories Catalog

Once logged in you you will have dealer-specific options. You will notice that your dealership name, location, and contact information will be visible. As well as additional dealer capabilities, including, but not limited to, cart creation, quote building, and more. 

Notice the navigation icon on the top right. This is also known as a "hamburger" 

Clicking on the "hamburger" icon gives quick links to model specific accessories and SimplePart Control Panel access. As future updates occur, additional quick links may be included to help you navigate more efficiently.

Once a model is selected, you will be prompted to input model Year and Results to be shown. Selecting All will give you all the accessories available for that Model / Year. You can specify the max results shown and also use the "Print PDF" feature to provide the available accessories for that Model / Year to your customer.

There are other ways of navigating the catalog. On the left of the screen you have Accessories and Volkswagen DriverGear icons. Clicking Accessories will also prompt you to select Model > Year > and Max Results to show. Clicking Volkswagen DriverGear will take you to the full gear catalog, including clothing, bags, and lifestyle accessories. 


To get back to Home, select "home" or click the Volkswagen Logo on the top left. On the home screen you can view the available accessories by selecting your Vehicle image shown and year. 

Click here to learn more about adding items to a "cart" for quote building, Magic Pocket creation, and transacting orders.

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Disclaimer: Material and imagery housed within this knowledge base is subject to change as new platform updates are released.